MEGA SALE EVENT: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE FOR ALL PRODUCTS for limited time only! Add to cart now!
MEGA SALE EVENT: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE FOR ALL PRODUCTS for limited time only! Add to cart now!
Nenette Gabuya

"Ni lighten ako skin sa face and na wala wala na ako melasma."

— Nenette Gabuya

Sam Gabuya

"Ganahan kaayu ko sa serum, na nga fade akong mga pimple marks. Lakas maka fresh ang products."

— Sam Gabuya

Cha- Cha

"Nindot kaayo gamiton ang Agebloc. I will order again."

— Cha- Cha

Kristine Veloso

"Na inlove ko sa Agebloc. Dili pa jd harsh sa nawng gamiton. Favorite also nako miracle8. Nice jud kaayo gamiton."

— Kristine Veloso

Renalyn White

"Im using Agebloc Set and super nag hiyang face ko. Di nag hahagard face ko kahit di ako makapag retouch. Order ako ulit pagka ubos ng set ko."

— Renalyn White

JB Etre Image 800x800

People are curious on how I managed to look more than a decade younger, and stress-free. My answer is always "it's a secret".

For years, I have been enjoying the benefits of plant stem cells and the deep-acting Liposome.

The Research and Product Development team of ÊTRE combined the specific Ingredients I am using with the best ingredients found in luxurious skincare brands. After perfecting the formulation, we believe it is just right to share it with You.

The Formulation of ÊTRE is Exclusive and Trademarks are Registered & Protected.

CellRebirth Tech - specially formulated to Regenerate cells and Delay the aging process and it contains Uttwiler Spatlauber Stemcells, Liposomes plus other luxurious and plant-derived Ingredients.

CellRenu & Exfolite Tech - designed to promote Cellular Turnover, Micro exfoliation and it Helps Control excessive oil production.

Miracle8- a Highly Innovative formulation for Face, Body & Hair. It contains a Boost of Antioxidants to Repair, Regenerate and Protect cells from Environmental stressors and damage caused by harsh chemicals. And to stay Stress-Free, Saffron Magnificent Oil is formulated to promote overall wellness and relaxation.

These formulations will help everyone improve their self-confidence. Luxurious ingredients but Affordable.

ÊTRE already has users around the world from Asia, Australia, Europe, US, and the Mediterranean.

It is the Mission of ÊTRE to provide long-lasting confidence.


Jennifer Ocampo

"Before, I used different kinds of skin rejuvinatiang, mura nasunog ako nawng nag itom itom . When I used the ÊTRE Agebloc nawala akong mga tomtom."

— Jennifer Ocampo, City Hall Staff

Joanne Mae Padron - Agebloc

"So far naka uyon ko sa ÊTRE AgeBloc with CellRebirth Technology and Uttwiler Spatlauber Stem Cells. I like the ÊTRE Pore D-tox Toner, humot sya, ang EGF Ageless Glow serum nice kaau also ang collagen, dali kaau sya mu absorb.

— Joanne Mae Padron, Entrepreneur

Ruth Atilano

"When I heard about AgeBloc with CellRebirth Technology, I ordered immediately. 2 weeks of using, I experienced excellent result. AgeBloc reduced my fine lines and my melasma nearly unnoticeable, and I also noticed that my skin is becoming radiant."

— Ruth Atilano, Businesswoman

Jamaica Villacorta

"ÊTRE AgeBloc with CellRebirth Technology & Uttwiler Spatlauber stemcells is a must have beauty essential! It has Luxurious and High quality ingredients at an affordable price. I've been using AgeBloc for a month already.

I used ÊTRE EGF and Collagen at night and every morning after i wake up , I can still feel that my skin is fresh and glowing. I also tried ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent oil, and it really helps me have a relaxing sleep and it also helps relieve my sinusitis.

I am so happy that I found ÊTRE . It helps to boost my confidence day in and day out."

— Jamaica Villacorta, Real Estate Consultant

Mari Luz Villocedo

"Nice jud ang ÊTRE AgeBloc with CellRebirth Technology & Uttwiler Spatlauber stemcells. So far walay allergy ako skin kay sensitive baya kay ko panit. Gentle kaayo siya sa skin. I love it jud!"

— Mari Luz Villocedo, Real Estate Agent

Susan Millan

"Somebody recommended a product for Normal skin and I bought ÊTRE AgeBloc set with CellRebirt Technology and Uttwiller Spatlauber stem cells. I was actually in awe with the price because it's really affordable. I believe a higher price will give justice to the high efficacy and quality of the ÊTRE AgeBloc set. I mean it can really benefit those who are looking for a very affordable luxury skin care product that is highly effective. My skin is becoming smoother, brighter and glassy every single day. I am a well satisfied user!😍😍😍"

— Susan Millan, Vocalist

You are Different - Love it.Special - Respect it.Worthy - Trust it.
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