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Happiest User Testimonials

"I'm very keen on these amazing products. They not only smell divine, feel gorgeous but have the ingredients that I dream of! No nasties, just pure, thought out, conscious ingredients. I love using the products. So check them out!"

— Johanna C. Limpahan

"No Filter. Im 50 with 2 Apo. ÊTRE TRIO made me look my best. Highly recommended. I can proudly say, with ÊTRE, im becoming one of the hottest lola around."

— Eden Flores A.

"Na intriga ako sa Être Miracle8. I decided to incorporate this beauty oil to my morning and night routine. Immediately after application, this made my skin look glowing, fresh & smooth. I can feel the pureness of the oil, using only a few drops. I will definitely recommend this."

— Barbie Nobleza B.

"I really have dry skin before and I used to try different products but it never work. Na try ko ang Être Miracle8 and EGF serum, amazing talaga. My skin now is softer, moisturized and healthier. This is now my favorite."

— Angelica Gornez

"Etre products is powered by special and registered formulations such as : CellRebirth, CellRenu, Exfolite and ÊTRE Miracle8. Having the capacity to rebuild and restore itself, my skin appears better both during the day and at night. The body, hair, and face can all benefit from using it. Etre is Amazing! Look younger with Etre!"

— Princess Joesel Mae

"I am a user of Être products, EGF SERUM & VOILA MIRACLE8. I used to have deep & big wrinkles on my forehead and my neck was saggy because I lost a lot of weight (I am on a diet). My co-worker introduces me to try these two products from Être. I was so amazed with the result. Just 2 days of using EGF serum & miracle8 my wrinkles & fine lines reduces especially the sagginess of my neck. It has a big improvement as could be seen in the picture. I was unable to take picture before I used the product but this is the result now. The sagginess on my neck totally reduces. I am happy using Être products."

— Susan Ebanks, Cayman Islands
Ines Tago

"I notice fresh kau akong face pag use sa trio set. Naka notice ako mga friend ni lighten akong face.. Ganahan sd kaau ko sa miracle8 , humok kaau akong hair."

— Ines Tago
Odessa Pusta-Rodriguez (DJ Jacky G)

"It’s so hard to pick favorites! But if I had to, it would have to be ÊTRE Miracle8 and ÊTRE Trio. These products help smoothen my skin and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helping me achieve that healthy, younger looking glow!"

— Odessa Pusta-Rodriguez (DJ Jacky G)
Angel Baquiran

"Sauna wa koy guts mosuot ug mga tback 1pc but now naa nakoy confidence to wear showy bikini’s"

— Angel Baquiran
Leen Taboada Before and After

"After a week using the Cellrenu set, nag lighten yung mga pimple marks ko. And yung daycream hindi siya malagkit or mainit sa face, unlike other brand na sunblock malagkit sa face. Im so happy nag hiyang face ko sa Cellrenu set."

— Leen Taboada

Safe Formulation

Our products are made using high quality and finest formulation and do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Common side effect of prolonged use is Ochronosis.
• Exogenous ochronosis can be caused from prolonged use of certain "skin-lightening" products, even if the hydroquinone is in amounts as small as 2%.
Common side effect specially if combined with Hydroquinone
• severe burning, stinging, or irritation of treated skin.
• severe skin dryness; or severe redness, swelling, blistering, peeling, or crusting.
• Was widely used in cosmetics as preservative.
• Highly toxic and can cause irritation.
• The vapor may cause severe respiratory tract infection, dizziness or suffocation.
• Is a surfactant widely used in skincare and detergents.
• Used to create lather.
• Can irritate skin, eyes, lungs, esp. With Long-term use.
• Can cause skin irritation; rashes, blisters and burning skin.
• Parabens can cause skin to age faster.
• Can worsen sun damage; increases sensitivity to the sun.
• Interferes with hormone production.
Cruelty Free Icon
Our products are manufactured and developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.
Mineral Oil Free
• Is derived from petroleum; petrolatum derivative
• It tends to form a protective layer on the skin thus, it can trap other Ingredients onto the top layer of the Epidermis which can clog pores when used withpore-clogging ingredients.
Silicon Free
• Silicone clogs pores.
• It traps bacteria, dirt, sebum into the skin and can trigger breakouts.
• Causes pores to enlarge.

Product Technologies

Revolutionary Technologies that Repair, Regenerate, Revitalize, Brighten and Protect Skin.
A DELIVERY SYSTEM made out of the same material as cell membrane that delivers nutrients directly to the skin.
CellRebirth Technology
A Revolutionary Technology to Regenerate, Repair & Protect Skin Stem Cells.
Exfolite Formulation
Blends seamlessly to skin and with Blur-Action that serves as; Sunscreen, Concealer, Moisturizer and Anti aging.
CellRenu Formulation
A Breakthrough Technology that visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles, Promotes smooth texture & Restores skin's moisture balance. It also boosts Hydration and Radiance.
Miracle8 Formulation
A special formulation that compliments the best benefit of 8 botanical oils when applied to Face, Body & Hair.
ÊTRE Miracle8 Logo
An Innovative approach in combining Natural oil from Herbs and Plants which can help improve well being.
You are Different - Love it.Special - Respect it.Worthy - Trust it.
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