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MEGA SALE EVENT: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE FOR ALL PRODUCTS for limited time only! Add to cart now!
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Safe Formulation

Our products are made using high quality and finest formulation and do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Common side effect of prolonged use is Ochronosis.
• Exogenous ochronosis can be caused from prolonged use of certain "skin-lightening" products, even if the hydroquinone is in amounts as small as 2%.
Common side effect specially if combined with Hydroquinone
• severe burning, stinging, or irritation of treated skin.
• severe skin dryness; or severe redness, swelling, blistering, peeling, or crusting.
• Was widely used in cosmetics as preservative.
• Highly toxic and can cause irritation.
• The vapor may cause severe respiratory tract infection, dizziness or suffocation.
• Is a surfactant widely used in skincare and detergents.
• Used to create lather.
• Can irritate skin, eyes, lungs, esp. With Long-term use.
• Can cause skin irritation; rashes, blisters and burning skin.
• Parabens can cause skin to age faster.
• Can worsen sun damage; increases sensitivity to the sun.
• Interferes with hormone production.
Cruelty Free Icon
Our products are manufactured and developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.
Mineral Oil Free
• Is derived from petroleum; petrolatum derivative
• It tends to form a protective layer on the skin thus, it can trap other Ingredients onto the top layer of the Epidermis which can clog pores when used withpore-clogging ingredients.
Silicon Free
• Silicone clogs pores.
• It traps bacteria, dirt, sebum into the skin and can trigger breakouts.
• Causes pores to enlarge.

Product Technologies

Revolutionary Technologies that Repair, Regenerate, Revitalize, Brighten and Protect Skin.
A DELIVERY SYSTEM made out of the same material as cell membrane that delivers nutrients directly to the skin.
CellRebirth Technology
A Revolutionary Technology to Regenerate, Repair & Protect Skin Stem Cells.
Exfolite Formulation
Blends seamlessly to skin and with Blur-Action that serves as; Sunscreen, Concealer, Moisturizer and Anti aging.
CellRenu Formulation
A Breakthrough Technology that visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles, Promotes smooth texture & Restores skin's moisture balance. It also boosts Hydration and Radiance.
Miracle8 Formulation
A special formulation that compliments the best benefit of 8 botanical oils when applied to Face, Body & Hair.
ÊTRE Miracle8 Logo
An Innovative approach in combining Natural oil from Herbs and Plants which can help improve well being.

Happiest User Testimonials

Odessa Pusta-Rodriguez (DJ Jacky G)

"It’s so hard to pick favorites! But if I had to, it would have to be ÊTRE Miracle8 and ÊTRE Trio. These products help smoothen my skin and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helping me achieve that healthy, younger looking glow!"

— Odessa Pusta-Rodriguez (DJ Jacky G)
Sam Gabuya

"Ganahan kaayu ko sa serum, na nga fade akong mga pimple marks. Lakas maka fresh ang products."

— Sam Gabuya
King Amante

"I love Miracle 8 gyud . Super nice sa hair and sa face maka fresh."

— King Amante
Kian Valencia

"I leave on Miracle 8 on my hair, Nice kaayo!

— Kian Valencia
JB Etre Image 800x800

People are curious on how I managed to look more than a decade younger, and stress-free. My answer is always "it's a secret".

For years, I have been enjoying the benefits of plant stem cells and the deep-acting Liposome.

The Research and Product Development team of ÊTRE combined the specific Ingredients I am using with the best ingredients found in luxurious skincare brands. After perfecting the formulation, we believe it is just right to share it with You.

The Formulation of ÊTRE is Exclusive and Trademarks are Registered & Protected.

CellRebirth Tech - specially formulated to Regenerate cells and Delay the aging process and it contains Uttwiler Spatlauber Stemcells, Liposomes plus other luxurious and plant-derived Ingredients.

CellRenu & Exfolite Tech - designed to promote Cellular Turnover, Micro exfoliation and it Helps Control excessive oil production.

Miracle8- a Highly Innovative formulation for Face, Body & Hair. It contains a Boost of Antioxidants to Repair, Regenerate and Protect cells from Environmental stressors and damage caused by harsh chemicals. And to stay Stress-Free, Saffron Magnificent Oil is formulated to promote overall wellness and relaxation.

These formulations will help everyone improve their self-confidence. Luxurious ingredients but Affordable.

ÊTRE already has users around the world from Asia, Australia, Europe, US, and the Mediterranean.

It is the Mission of ÊTRE to provide long-lasting confidence.

Marla Alforque

"Wherever I go, I always make sure that I have something with me may it be oil or anything that can lessen the uneasiness, because I sometimes feel a lil bit dizzy while traveling and even at work or while doing chores. Luckily, I found ÊTRE’s Saffron Magnificent oil that truly soothes and relaxes my body… I can attest to its magnificence because SAFFRON MAGNIFICENT OIL relaxes me after a tiring day. If you want to be relaxed, try, SAFFRON MAGNIFICENT OIL."

— Marla Alforque, Educator/ Model/ Beauty Queen
Debbie Uy

"I have never thought I would fall in love this deep. CellRenu has changed my total outlook when it comes to skin regimen. Sweeps away the bad after-effects of the previous product… which was more expensive and less effective. Its organic ingredients have brought out the natural glow in my skin without any peeling or greasy feeling. It is all the confidence I need with the lifestyle I lead! Love your skin and respect your beauty! Trust Etre!"

— Debbie Uy, Entrepreneur and Endorser
Claire Codilla

"I was never the type to have a skincare routine, but ever since the pandemic, I saw myself getting really bad acne and my skin was acting out. I'm so happy that ETRE can customize to my skin type. I'm using the CellRenu Skincare System. I'm now confident to take off my mask at home, take a look at the mirror and take a step to be the best version I can be"

— Claire Codilla, Entrepreneur/ Radio DJ/ Beauty Queen
Inee Villa

"In the past, I’ve used skin care brands that have actually helped me manage my acne... but it left my skin really dry. The moment I tried Être CellRenu Skincare System , I got tons of comments and questions from my friends who say that my skin is glowing! Im really happy with how healthy my skin looks. Plus, My Être skin care routine is very simple!! It doesn’t take 10 steps to get glass skin, just 3. Perfect for busy and lazy ladies like me!! 😁"

— Inee Villa, Entrepreneur 
Valerie Leyson

"With Être, I can say, this is the best thing that ever happened to my skin. I tried expensive skincare products but it didn't work for me. CellRenu and EGF Serum is the perfect combination for my oily and acne-prone skin."

— Valerie Leyson, Entrepreneur 
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