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MEGA SALE EVENT: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE FOR ALL PRODUCTS for limited time only! Add to cart now!

"Very soothing. Not too odorous. Does the job."

— George, Grand Cayman


"I used SAFFRON magnificent oil for pain on my shoulder, back & joints. My daily routine work is very ardous. I tried several rubbing pain killer ointments but it is not helping much. Then, I have a friend who intruduces me the Saffron magnificent oil and it works great for me. It ease up the pain. It is amazing and i owe this much from SAFRON magnificent oil."

— Vir

Kristine Veloso

"Na inlove ko sa Agebloc. Dili pa jd harsh sa nawng gamiton. Favorite also nako miracle8. Nice jud kaayo gamiton."

— Kristine Veloso

Faith P. Kwong

"Im so excited to use. Super bango niya, nakaka relax, I used it also sa diffuser."

— Faith P. Kwong

Garry Lopena

"I've been using Saffron Manificient oil and the effect is really amazing. It has this soothing effect and natural smell that helps you relax. My sleep improves as well."

— Garry Lopena

Marcela Hortado

"As a mother of two, one is still a toddler, hindi madali ang araw. Maraming bagay ang nangyayari on the background and hindi talaga maiwasang ma stress. I'm really glad that I discovered Saffron Magnificent Oil. This helps me relieve my stress and stay relaxed at the end of the day. May soothing effect siya and mabango siya compared to liniment oils. Thanks Etre, 100% recommended."

— Marcela Hortado

JB Etre Image 800x800

People are curious on how I managed to look more than a decade younger, and stress-free. My answer is always "it's a secret".

For years, I have been enjoying the benefits of plant stem cells and the deep-acting Liposome.

The Research and Product Development team of ÊTRE combined the specific Ingredients I am using with the best ingredients found in luxurious skincare brands. After perfecting the formulation, we believe it is just right to share it with You.

The Formulation of ÊTRE is Exclusive and Trademarks are Registered & Protected.

CellRebirth Tech - specially formulated to Regenerate cells and Delay the aging process and it contains Uttwiler Spatlauber Stemcells, Liposomes plus other luxurious and plant-derived Ingredients.

CellRenu & Exfolite Tech - designed to promote Cellular Turnover, Micro exfoliation and it Helps Control excessive oil production.

Miracle8- a Highly Innovative formulation for Face, Body & Hair. It contains a Boost of Antioxidants to Repair, Regenerate and Protect cells from Environmental stressors and damage caused by harsh chemicals. And to stay Stress-Free, Saffron Magnificent Oil is formulated to promote overall wellness and relaxation.

These formulations will help everyone improve their self-confidence. Luxurious ingredients but Affordable.

ÊTRE already has users around the world from Asia, Australia, Europe, US, and the Mediterranean.

It is the Mission of ÊTRE to provide long-lasting confidence.


Elsie Cabagte

"As a working mom I often get head ache due to stress and hard work but every time I smell the scent of this ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent Oil I feel relieved and relaxed."

— Elsie Cabagte

Jose Marie Antipuesto

"This is the way of escaping from stressfull environment, using this ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent Oil I feel like I'm in different side of the world where I seat on a branch of a tree while observing the river flows and the bird sing. Very calming."

— Jose Marie Antipuesto, Messenger

Junebel C. Oliamot

"My brother told me to use ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent Oil when he found out that I experienced headache most of the time. It indeed ease my headache and eventually got rid of the pain and it also relaxes my mind whenever I'm stress."

— Junebel C. Oliamot, Teacher

Mildred Black- Housewife

"I have trouble sleeping, and my son gave me ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent Oil. I was surprised because it relaxes me and I was able to sleep and it never fails my expectation."

— Mildred Black, Housewife

Jieneva Empat- Housewife

"My nephew gave me ÊTRE Saffron Magnificent Oil because I always complained of having headache and I am also a big fan of oils and inhalers. When I started using it, it became one of my favorite because the scent is mild. It helps me to feel calm and relaxed and I also use it as a remedy for insect bites. It is really good."

— Jieneva Empat, Housewife

You are Different - Love it.Special - Respect it.Worthy - Trust it.
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